Strengthen Your Family Relationship With These Amalfi Coast Activities

Good family relationships are pivotal to life, and the type of dynamic between family members is unparalleled. In Italy, the family (La Famiglia) is an integral part of culture, and in such a way that many leisure time activities are designed for family members.

Being part of a warm and caring family is in itself a great feeling, but we can’t pretend that it comes easily. Instead, we have to invest in this dynamic in order to forge stronger and deeper family ties. Whether you’re familiar with the topic of strong family relationships or not, they all form around participating in activities including:

  • Sharing meals
  • Exchanging stories
  • Regular fun activities
  • Making decisions together
  • Set time aside to spend with your partner

Spending time with your partner

No matter what type of couple you are, if you have children, it’s important to set aside time to spend quality time together. Whether your children are teenagers or toddlers, the couple and mother/father figures stand as the core of the family. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to ensure that the two human beings that lead the family offer a safe place for the shelter of life’s challenges, and that they can provide a secure environment for a child. Our homes are the places in which we reestablish our energy, and set out to conquer all of life’s missions.

All couples must focus on practicing healthy relationship habits, which isn’t easy all of the time. When life’s challenges bring us down including the hectic lifestyle due to work demands and stress, the constant busy pace can get too much. This is especially true for couples that also must keep a family in check and keep their home environment in order too. Many of us struggle to keep focused and practice good relationship habits because of everyday life. Add to this, our own personal life experiences shaped by emotions and beliefs.

Setting time aside to spend with a partner is one of the most important habits to pursue, in the long run, it’ll make life much easier. Placing emphasis on quality time can really help to bring you closer to your partner with the following statement ringing true:

“It’s quality, not quantity that counts.”


How Can We Look After Our Relationship Health With QUALITY Time?

When life asks too much of us and we find ourselves fighting beyond our limits, we fail to recognize that we’re neglecting our family life. So fixated on achieving, sometimes when we feel stressed and tired, we wake every day moving and dreaming tirelessly. Changing our points of view, slowing down and establishing connections with loved ones and ourselves is crucially important. Otherwise, we’re simply stuck in a repetitive cycle, not getting anywhere.

For couples and families, getting away from home can help to realign wider goals and focus. It also serves as an opportunity that is important, spending time with our loved ones.

Holidays have been proven on both a physical and mental level to be deeply beneficial. They help us to feel more satisfied with our relationships as we travel to new locations and enjoy new experiences together. These types of trips can also greatly improve our creativity and self-confidence. Overall, holidays are fundamental in helping us to feel human and reconnect our senses.

By allowing the space needed for both couples and families to bond, this will strengthen intimate bonds over time. Spending time together demonstrates our priorities in life and shows our loved ones that they matter. 

A Perfect Family Destination: The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one-of-a-kind. No other location compares to the landscape here which sees the Mediterranean sea meet the land, mountains plunged into the sea and a land that is touched by God’s hand according to ancient lores and tales. Here, the sweet fragrance of lemon blossoms harmonises itself with the aromatic vegetation. Where the brilliant colours of the majolica domes, bougainvillea, and pergolas radiantly shine over the whitewashed cascade houses.

The vertical landscape is characterised by a picturesque labyrinth of stairways and narrow alleys, connecting the elements: the mountains, the sea, and the sky. Small villages welcome visitors allowing you to go deep into the heritage culture, experiencing both fine flavour and healthy food in unique original locations.

A coast that is a background and movie stage, providing the opportunity for you to spend time with your family. Here, you can truly intertwine your experiences to create new family stories and memories. The area is the perfect backdrop for understanding each other’s differences and honoring each other’s personalities and to explore family member’s talents and abilities. An environment where we can practice activities that will encourage us to get close and reconnect with our loved ones.


5 Activities For QUALITY Time In The Amalfi Coast And Sorrento Peninsula 

The Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Peninsula offer a wealth of activities for all types of families to explore. Here are the top 5 activities for quality time:

Limoncello And Marmalade Experience  

Gesualda and Valentino will welcome you into their shop located on the beautiful coast of Positano, sharing their personal background within farming and the wonderful story of their business in the area. They are incredibly passionate and this can be perceived in the way they talk of their family traditions and life together.

This delicious tasting experience lasts for approximately 30 minutes long and is a fantastic way to learn more about the ways of living here. The whole process from start to finish is organic and even if you’re not a fan of limoncello they have other handmade products to try including balsamic olive oil and other fruit-cellos. The cherry on the top is the tour that takes place in this couple’s garden, offering a breathtaking view. You’ll be shown where the lemons are grown and see a 45-year-old lemon tree grafted with an orange tree producing both fruits.

The experience allows you to feel the values of an Italian family, the sense of duty, the love for the family, the sense of respect and the sustainability for the environment. Gesualda and Valentino will share stories that allow you to reflect and reframe your values. This short experience is certainly an activity that allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Walk, Cook And Eat Tours

These tours take you through the beautiful winding streets of the Amalfi Coast like a local, along the peaceful terraces and paths bringing you into the heart of the city. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the different Mediterranean plants and herbs to later  cook with.

The real quality time activity is the cooking class which takes place with the panoramic backdrop of the sea. All of the food prepared in the class uses hand-picked ingredients to give an authentic and delicious representation of the local food scene. This is a longer activity lasting a total of 5 hours altogether, however, it’s the perfect idea for couples who want to learn and try a new experience together.


Painting In The Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast is a land steeped rich in art and culture. From the hand-painted ceramics in the area that has been produced for centuries to the neverending landscape inspiration, a creative activity could be the perfect bonding experience for your family. Allowing you to fully immerse and relax, a painting observational class is suitable for all ages.

Each family member will have full control over their self-expression as they observe and paint the stunning scenery ahead of them. The host will teach techniques but encourages those that participate to explore their individual styles. The end result is a painting that you can take home as a memory of a wonderful family holiday.

Pizza School In Sorrento

Food is central to family life in the region of Campania, in fact, eating together is considered an essential part of the day. Family members sit together to eat and share stories about the day ahead or their day while enjoying home-cooked dishes that have been passed down through generations.

The region is home to the birthplace of pizza: Naples. As such you’ll find many pizzerias to eat at but a large part of the fun that comes with eating pizza is also the preparation. At Pizza School, you can learn how to prepare a Neopolitan pizza from scratch in under an hour. This is a great activity for children as they learn how to cook, giving them a sense of self-confidence and pride that comes with the end result. After a pizza lunch, take the opportunity to enjoy the historical sights in Sorrento including ancient ruins dating back thousands of years.


The Path of Gods: Sentiero degli Dei

The Path of Gods is a 3-hour-long trek that offers some of the most spectacular views across the Amalfi Coast. This is an activity that is children-friendly and is guaranteed to bring your family closer. Families will experience stunning vistas together while navigating the path towards their end destination, Nocelle, which is located just north of Positano

Along the way, you’ll encounter shepherds and workers providing an insight into how people moved about in the area before transportation existed. There are a number of folklore tales that speak of the gods who created the path and descended it to reach singing sirens at the bay. Spanning 7km, you can choose from two different starting points depending on your walking abilities. Be sure to pack a lunch for your family (which can be picked up at a local cafe or made beforehand) before setting out to enjoy at one of the picnic spots on the walk.

The views from the top of the cliff are worth the walk, and you’ll come to easily see why the trail has its name. This is a perfect activity for families to work together and bond through walking and talking and of course, there are many spots for backdrops for photos together too.

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