Secrets of The Amalfi Coast: Live The Local’s Way

Behind the glamorous front-cover scenery, there is a secret way of living here. Amalfi Coast is undeniably beautiful and the real goal when visiting the area is to experience La Dolce Vita lifestyle. Here are 6 secret activities in the Amalfi Coast to live the local way.

  1. Take In Secret Breathtaking Views 

Walk the Pathway of Gods and enjoy views across the Amalfi Coast. This relaxed trail reveals the area’s best natural spots and provides heavenly views. Starting in Agerola and ending in northern Positano, the hike takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Along the way, you’ll see waterfalls and stunning woodland, while learning about the tales that have been told over centuries relating to the path. It’s easy to see why this walk would impress the Gods…


  1. Enjoy Uninterrupted Solitude In Ravello 

Ravello is a picturesque small village situated atop a cliff away from the tourist hotspots of the Amalfi Coast. It is here that Greta Carbo retreated to seek solitude, finding peace and calm at Villa Cimbrone in 1938. Today visitors can enjoy the same sense of serenity at the villas gardens while looking breathtaking sightseeing.



  1. Swim In The Mediterranean 

Visit any of the Amalfi beaches and you’ll have the opportunity to plunge into the waters of the Mediterranean. However, locals here enjoy their swimming experiences to the fullest. If you see a signpost reading ‘noleggio barche’ (Amalfi boat rental) take the prompt and hire a boat even for just a few hours. Once out into the sea, dive in like a local and enjoy the warm sea. Pack a snorkel for the ultimate wildlife spectacle too, the water of Amalfi is home to many different species of fish and flora.


  1. Watch A Positano Sunset

Nothing quite compares to the natural beauty of a sunset and its display of vibrant colour. No matter where you choose to stay in Amalfi, you’ll be treated to this spectacle over the Mediterranean. However, the views from Positano are said to be the best along the coast. Local tradition points to Homer’s Odyssey, which references an island that can be seen across the sea during a Positano sunset, known as Capri.


  1. Eat The Best Fish In Amalfi At Cetara

Some of the best fish dishes in the country originate from the Amalfi Coast. Cetara is a small fishing village in the area, renowned for its delicious fresh seafood. Here you’ll find a wide selection of dishes using anchovies, clams and octopus. Don’t forget to try colatura di alici, a specialty olive oil infused with salty anchovy. While visiting the village, also take the opportunity to admire the local colourful ceramics too which have been produced in the village for centuries.


  1. Learn To Cook The Italian Way 

Mamma Agata has cooked for many celebrities wooing them with her hearty cuisine. Guests can visit her home to learn the secrets of Italian food with one-of-a-kind cooking lessons. This warming lady welcomes those eager to cook Italian into her home located in Ravello for an exclusive cooking class in Amalfi Coast. Preparing the finest ingredients should be done with care and respect, this is one of the principles behind Mamma Agata’s art.


Any holiday to ‘amalfitana’, as named by the locals, is going to provide an abundance of delights. But, by doing it the local way you’ll come across even more surprises. The list above only covers some of the unique experiences to be had in the area, in fact, there is so much more to discover here.

From art and culture to the neverending treasure trove of natural wonders, the Amalfi Coast will leave its imprint on your heart for a lifetime.





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