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Il Sentiero degli Dei, which translates to The Path of Gods, is a 7.8km long walk, widely regarded as one of the country’s most scenic hiking routes. Having been walked for centuries, the path offers stunning vistas across the Amalfi Coast but it also transports walkers to an ancient time in history, where this walkway was used for mules and workers.

Path Of Gods


You’ll need to set aside a full day to enjoy the walk, beginning during the early hours of the morning. As the climate can get extremely warm in Campania throughout the summer months, it’s best to complete the walk before mid-afternoon (which is the hottest part of the day). This easy but adventurous trail takes you through charming old towns and offers some of the best views in Italy. While The Path of Gods is known to some tourists, it takes you away from the hotspots of the Amalfi Coast to more peaceful scenery.

Below, we cover everything to know about this infamous hike and some of the questions that you may have.

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Where Does The Name Path of Gods Originate?

The clifftop trail’s name derives from the local’s interpretation of the hike. For centuries, this walk has inspired through its spectacular scenery. While there is much to be admired in terms of nature along the path, a large part of the route has been reworked over centuries by human hands. From atop the cliff, you’ll relish in a beautiful view of the coast spanning the archipelago of Li Galli to Capri.

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How To Get To The Path of Gods?

Getting to The Path of Gods isn’t a difficult task, though you should research your transportation options from where you are staying on the coast. Depending on which side of the Amalfi Coast you are, there are different options regarding access points. Beginning at Agerola or Praiano, you can choose to drive to either of these locations or take a public bus. There are also private transportation options too including shuttle and taxi services which can likely be organized via your hotel. The pathway ends at Nocelle and will take around 3 hours to complete.

Where Should We Start The Path of Gods?

The Path of Gods offers various starting points, giving walkers the option of a longer and shorter route. Deciding where to begin is something you’ll need to consider by looking at various factors. While the walk is certainly not too challenging, for those that are older, the shorter route may be more suitable. The most popular destination to start the walk is from Bomerano which forms a small section of the Agerola comune.

You can easily reach Bomerano by bus and from there follow the signs which are designated to guide you, if you don’t have a local walking leader. Depending on where you are staying in the Amalfi Coast, you can also choose to start your journey from Praiano, though this will mean that you have to ascend a large staircase to get to the top of the cliff. Once you’re at the top of the stairs you’ll be guided via red and white signage which indicates the direction in which you should walk. This slightly different route offers an opportunity to view the Convent of San Domenic, an old religious gathering spot.

What Do I Need To Take On The Path of Gods? 

Because The Path of Gods can take anywhere between 3 and 5 hours, you’ll need to make sure that you’re adequately prepared with the right energy resources. Ensure that you pack some nourishment before setting out and carry plenty of water with you, you’ll be walking uphill for part of the journey! A light sandwich (panini) lunch can be picked up from one of the local cafes. The great thing about Italian lunch sandwiches is that there are so many delicious, flavorful ingredients to choose from. Some small restaurants can be found tucked away along the trail, including in the village of Nocello which may serve as the perfect opportunity to sit down and refresh too.

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What Are The Different Lores of The Gods?

Along this scenic route, you will undoubtedly stumble upon artifacts and locales that belong to ancient people that walked the path. The area is heavily attached to folklore and tales attributing to the mythical Gods that are said to have created the trail. From legends telling of Gods descending from the clifftop to meet singing sirens down in the sea, there is certainly a special vibe given to those that walk here. Walking along the route, you’ll also have the opportunity to gain an insight into what life was like before transportation as local shepherds can be encountered along the way. This stunning hike is certainly worthy of its name and you’ll come to see this as you relish in the neverending vistas of the pristine blue sky and waters below.

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Where Does The Path Lead To?

The Path of Gods will lead you to Nocelle, which gives access to northern Positano. You can either choose to take a local bus to the picturesque coastline or descend the mighty 1,500 stairways leading to Arienzo, a small village. In Positano, you can enjoy a traditional Italian spritz or other refreshments at one of the small cafes while taking in the scenes up to the top of the mountains. Buses and ferries run regularly allowing you to conveniently reach the destination where your hotel is located. Positano is probably the most popular destination in the Amalfi Coast after Amalfi, consider staying overnight in one of the many private villas and enjoy a seafood dinner to truly wind down after a tiring day of walking.

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An Experience Like No Other

There are many beautiful trails around Italy to enjoy, however, The Path of Gods is the ultimate waking experience. No trip to the region is complete without taking in the pristine views across the coast this way and you’ll some come to see why the path gets a bold-statement name. Provided that you prepare adequately with the right essentials such as comfortable walking shoes, a packed lunch, and lots of water, the trail is very easy to complete.

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