How long to stay in Capri?

How long to stay in Capri?

Ciao amici! So, you’ve booked a trip to the Amalfi Coast in the south of Italy and Capri is high on your hit list for places to visit? Congratulations, excellent choice. This world-famous destination is one of the most desirable places to visit in Italy which caters to visitors from all over the globe, particularly the rich and famous. Capri flaunts designer stores, top notch restaurants, breath-taking vistas, beach clubs and beautiful walking trails. There is really no limit to how you can spend your time and Euros on this idyllic island in the Med. The most difficult decision will be how long to stay!

Nestori Voyages recommends staying at least two nights. Here we give you our top tips for exploring the island in this timeframe at a relaxed pace, whilst still experiencing the best Capri has to offer!

Incredible sunset views over the Faraglioni



How to get to Capri

First things first – how to get to Capri. As a mountainous island, the only way to visit Capri is by sea. You won’t be complaining about this as you cruise over the sparkling azure blue water on the deck of a ferry with the warm breeze in your hair. The most popular ferry routes are from Naples and Sorrento but in summer you can also arrive from Ischia, Positano, Amalfi and Salerno.

Marina Grande is where ferries dock and is where most visitors first arrive to explore Capri. If you are arriving on a private boat you can also access the island at Marina Piccola or head straight to a beach club dotted around the coast, some are only accessible by boat or foot!  On first impression the island will appear larger than you might have imagined – as you approach Marina Grande, striking limestone cliffs soar from the sea, sparsely vegetated.

How to get around Capri

To get around the island and from the port, you have a few options. You can easily take the funicular (cable car) for €2. This is located just to the left of the ferry terminal as you are facing the Island which sweeps you up and drops you right outside the Piazzetta, the centre of Capri. It’s a short and picturesque ride with your first view of many striking vistas. The line was built by Von Roll and opened in 1907. Including a 68-metre tunnel and climbing 139 metres vertically, it is an important slice of Capri’s history.

An alternative option is the public bus, priced the same but can be a bit of a wait in busy periods. The bus also drops you to the Piazzetta, or you can continue by bus on to Anacapri, the second town on the Island. Anacapri has a local feel and a more relaxed and peaceful vibe than the bustling nightlife-oriented Capri – we will come to that later in ‘where to stay in Capri’.

The third option is to catch one of Capri’s rather unique open-air stretch taxis. After all, it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey! The taxi ride will take you up the narrow windy road which zig-zags up the mountain to the town centre and other parts of the island. It’s only a 10-minute journey from the port to the Piazzetta, but for a unique experience worth every cent. Capri taxis have all been customised, from vintage Italian vehicles to vans – they all have their roofs cut off for a breezy ride.

Finally, the island is largely walkable with lovely pedestrian-only paths which lead to beaches and nature trails. If you are staying in Capri town, start by exploring the centre by foot, taking in the unique atmosphere and luxury-celebrity vibes. Aside from the fantastic view point from the top of the funicular for the perfect Instagram selfie, there are a number of cafés and bars around the small square of the Piazzetta. Settle in for an espresso, sit back and enjoy people watching before making your next move.

Pedestrian path from Capri to Marina Piccola


Where to stay in Capri

Before you arrive it’s best to decide which area to stay on the island. For a short stay we suggest settling into one place and spend your days exploring all over. There are two main towns on the Island: Anacapri and Capri. In Ancient Greek the prefix ana- means “up”. Anacapri is located at a higher elevation on the island. If you prefer a quieter pace, a more local atmosphere with better access to walking trails and nature, then Anacapri is probably better for you. If you want to be closer to the action, nightlife and spending your time strolling through the world-famous Via Camerelle shops, Capri is the place to be.

Most accommodations are centred at these two towns but of course there are a wide range of independent accommodations through Airbnb and sites like, scattered across the island. Smaller villages are located closer to the water’s edge at Marina Grande (where the ferries arrive) and Marina Piccola, a popular point to visit beach clubs and for super yachts dropping off guest to the island. You can really luck out with incredible views, unique stays and local hosts, but if you are visiting in summer best to book ahead! Capri is popular and the best accommodation will be snapped up for weeks at a time.

What to do and see in Capri

There is no shortage of activities on the island of Capri, whilst the island is famous for its high-end shopping, nightlife and incredible natural beauty including the blue grotto and the Faraglioni, we have detailed a few more of our favourite activities not to be missed below.

Hire a boat for the afternoon and venture out to the Faraglioni

Marina Piccola has a small public beach where you can swim in the crystalline water. Here you can try squeeze in a spot on the small pebbly beach or pay an entrance to one of the beach clubs dotted on the coast here for a sunbed. For a more adventurous afternoon go see local legends at Capri Blue Boats located right on the beach. For a reasonable exchange of Euros they will give you a cooler with ice, towels and a map marking you all the good swim spots and pointing out where not to anchor because of rocks! Once kitted out you will be led out to a little point where you will be taken onto a beautiful wooden Lancia caprese boat complete with sun shade canopy and safety equipment. After given a short tutorial of how to operate the motor you will be on your way. Alternatively, rent the boat with a skipper to chaperone you for the afternoon. Cruise along the coast and anchor where you please and swim next to sheer cliff faces or get up close and personal to the famous rock formations of the Faraglioni.

Wooden Lancia caprese boat for hire from Capri Blue Boats


Shop until you drop

The world-famous Via Camerelle is a strip of luxury stores with just about every high-end brand you can imagine. There are also a number of independent boutiques and artisan shops selling tourist wares, clothing, locally made leather sandals, art, ceramics, food products, limoncello etc.  Don’t go home without visiting a perfume shop where you can make your very own artisan perfume. Perfume making is historically significant on the island using local herbs and flowers to produce the scents, traditionally made by local monks from the 15th century.

Beach Clubs

If your idea of a holiday is lounging in style with an Aperol spritz in one hand then the best place to feel like a film star and soak up all day rays is one of Capri’s beach clubs, or locally known as lido. In the high-season it is expected to reserve ahead. Arrive early to settle in for the entire day, alternating from sunbed to sea pool with restaurants and bars on site to keep you fed and hydrated!  Our favourites are Lido del Faro where you can also check out the Punta Carena lighthouse and La Fontenlina or Da Luigi Ai Faraglioni which are both spectacularly located on the coast near the famous Faraglioni.

Eat amazing Italian cuisine

Are you a foodie and wondering where to eat in Capri? You can’t visit the island without sampling the seafood and mouth-watering Insalata Caprese. With a hot and dry summer climate the island grows bulging beefsteak tomatoes, produces some of the best olive oil in Italy and some of the most aromatic basil and dried oregano we have ever tried! It’s the ultimate trio of ingredients to pair with cow’s milk mozzarella for the famous Italian salad.

Our favourite restaurants just to name a few are La Capannina 100m from the Piazzetta in Capri (for the best burrata and wine list!); Aumn Aumn is our top pick for authentic woodfire pizza located in Anacapri. With their motto “if your mother wouldn’t have made it, we won’t serve it” you know you can’t go wrong. If you’re a seafood lover try Pescheria Le Botteghe  which is a fishmonger come restaurant with an evolving menu serving the best possible fresh fruits of the sea.  Finally, for a splurge and to be fed the finest Mediterranean fare cooked by Michelin star chefs with equally tasteful interiors, make a reservation at ristorante Mammà.  A sunset reservation is the way to go with incredible views dining on a terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples.

La Capannina


For a sweet Italian treat, make sure you veer by Buonocore Gelateria Pasticceria near Capri’s centre. Don’t let the queue deter you, it moves quickly and the freshly made waffle cones and pistachio gelato are out of this world!

Buonocore Gelateria Pasticceria


If time is of the essence for you and you can only make a day trip, here is our suggested itinerary for what to do in one day in Capri:

Start the day early and beat the crowds by walking around the centre of Capri. Get lost in the maze of pedestrian streets, take in the atmosphere of the Piazzetta and try to spot the rich and famous in the world famous Via Camerelle luxury shops. Grab a gelato from Buonocore Gelateria Pasticceria for a sugary hit before meandering down to the Gardens of Augustus. This is a beautiful well-kept flower garden teetering on the mountain, overlooking dramatic views of the Faraglioni and Bay of Marina Piccola. Previously you could follow the ‘Via Krupp’ to walk down to Marina Piccola but the path is currently closed due to danger of falling rocks. However, a birds-eye view of the hairpin bending path is quite a spectacular sight against the striking turquoise backdrop and superyachts anchored in the sea.

View of the Via Krupp from the Gardens of Augustus

If you’re anything like us, seeing views of the incredible hues of the Mediterranean from amazing viewpoints just makes you want to get in the water! Accordingly, we then suggest heading there. Walk back to the Piazzetta and follow the road which would take you back to the port. Once you pass the bus terminal hang a right and a pedestrian path will take you down to Marina Piccola, which is approximately a 15 minute walk.  By now you are probably quite hungry, Ristorante La Piazzetta has a terrific terrace with sea views. Settle in with an Aperol spritz and sample a local seafood pasta dish before heading down to the water’s edge. Take a dip in the crystal waters and hire a boat for the afternoon from Capri Blue Boats located right on the beach to find even better swimming spots not accessible by land.

When your time is up venture back to Marina Piccola and from there head back to the Marina Grande to catch your ferry, sun kissed and satisfied. Grab a pizza and beer waiting for your ferry, or if you have time, take in the spectacular sunset views from one of the many restaurants overlooking sea from Capri.


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